Sri Yantra Make Your Way Easy And Beneficial Towards Prosperity

A mandala refers to a chart, geometric pattern or a plan that represents cosmos symbolically or metaphysically, a microcosm of universe from the man prospective. A Sri yantra is a kind of mandala having geometric patterns. Sri yantra actually means loom, machine or instrument. In real practice, a Sri yantra is a figurative representation of factors of divinity, the creative powers of the universe. It is the interlocking milieu of geometrical figures, triangles, floral and circular patterns that are able to create fractal patterns of beauty and elegance. These visual designs have powerful effect on the mind. Just as primordial mantras or sounds, it can be beneficial to balance your body and mind through hearing, these shapes can produce increased coherence in your brain, developing a calming and balancing influence. In cultures all over the world, attractive visual patterns can be used to calm restless minds. Sri Yantra 300x300 Sri Yantra Make Your Way Easy And Beneficial Towards Prosperity

Yantra Meditation

When you look at the Sri yantra wiki, let your eyes to concentrate on its middle portion. The dots at its center are named as Bindu that show unity which motivate all the diversified powers in the physical world.

Now, let your eyes to focus on the triangles that surround the bindu. The downward pointing triangles represent female creative powers, whereas the triangles in upward direction represent male energy.

Allow your concentration to extend to add the circles outside these triangles. They represent series of cosmic rhythms. The circular patterns embody the notions that time has no ends and no beginnings. The farthest areas of space and the inmost nucleus of atoms both throb having similar rhythmic powers of creation. The rhythm is without you and within you.

Bring your knowledge to lotus petals present in the external part of circles. Observe that they point outward as while opening. They show the unfolding of your understanding. The lotus petals also represent the seat, the heart of the Self. When you open the heart, understanding comes.

The square present at the outer part of Sri yantra wiki represent the materialistic world, the world of forms that your senses show you, the delusion of separateness, of definite boundaries and edges. At the margins of the form are 4 T shaped gateways, or portals. Observe that they are pointing towards the internal parts of the Sri Yantra. They show your earthly passage from the material and external to the sacred and internal.

Now take your time to observe this Yantra, allowing different patterns and shapes emerging naturally, letting your eyes to be loosely focused. Without distracting your concentration, slowly start to extend your area of vision. Continue extending your visual focus until your focal area becomes more than 180 degrees. Now gradually move the process in backward direction by concentrating back to its center. Now close your eyes. You would still able to see the Sri yantra is front of your eyes as it has been fed in your memory. The creative patterns showed by these primeval shapes represent the main forces of nature. They rule the world and also rule you.

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