Sri Yantra Ultimate Source Of Getting Wealth, Harmony and Power

Sri yantra is the most important, powerful and auspicious tool. It not just provides the maximum advantages, but also proves to be useful for everyone using it. It is a major source of fulfilling wishes and attaining worldly desires through internal mental strength and cosmic powers.

Sri Yantra Sri Yantra Ultimate Source Of Getting Wealth, Harmony and PowerThe word consists of two parts, Sri which means wealth while Yantra means Instrument.

The tool for wealth the Sri Yantra carries spiritual and material wealth. Sri yantra has unexplained energy to fulfill all your wishes that can change your life for the betterment. Sri yantra is certainly the answer to various problems and is able to keep you safe from negative powers in their lives. A person utilizing the powers of Sri yantra can achieve greater harmony, peace and affluence. This yantra supports to break all sorts of obstacles in your life. It also helps you to push easily and indefinitely the limits of development- both materialistically and spiritually.

The Sri yantra meaning has a great impact over the lives of people. It keeps you safe from all types of negative energies in smaller or greater magnitude. These energies can stand in your way to achieve greater harmony, peace and affluence. Most often you will find that life is out from your control. You will find yourself in a level of lack of peace, harmony, friction is relationship, bad investments, extreme stress, high degree of anxiety, lack of harmony and peace, insecure feeling, sheer bad luck, stagnation is profession and life, faltering business, reducing financial prospects, good intentions and repeated failures.

Sri yantra sacred geometry- helpful to wash out all negative energies- the fog surrounding your life- standing in your way of harmony, prosperity and peace and create everything useful in an orderly manner. Sri yantra is a multi pyramid geometric grid which is a two dimensional or three dimensional form. The two dimensional form of Sri Yantra is a sign of nine intertwined isosceles triangles. They have been experienced all over the world to get its maximized benefits. The six pointed double triangle or star Jewish sacred geometrical symbol has been proved to be a sacred sign and good luck.

Sri Yantra is a symbolic form of all Goddesses and Gods. It was used by Brahma, the developer of the Universe and eulogized by Vishu, the God of the planet. Sri yantra is attached deeply with Ancient Arts of Vasstu and has been particularly mentioned in Vasstu Shastra. All developments related to Vasstu should necessarily have Sri yantra in them. The Vedas has explained Sri yantra meaning as a planetary, scientific and cosmic energy zone.

Sri yantra is a valuable source of getting supreme energy which is nothing but a form of element is the form of rays and waves.

Sri yantra is extremely sensitive and contains magnificent magnetic energies. Sri yantra is assumed to be divine’s store house of power or energy that pick up certainly cosmic ray waves released by the universal objects and the planets and convert them into positive vibrations.

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